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Migrating from Linux Plesk to

Migrating from a Linux Plesk Server running QMAIL to a Windows Plesk server running HMailserver.

Plesk migration just didnt seem to want to work for me.

hmailserver is a Windows IMAP / SMTP / POP3 server that integrates well with Plesk.

Edit April 2012:

Plesk does not support HMailServer 5.  Rather than Plesk, I now reccomend Website Panel which integrates well with hMailServer 5.


I managed to migrate email manually by recreating the accounts on the new server then using IMAP Size to copy the Imap folders.

(Granted this will only work if you only have a small number of accounts).

In order to get a list of passwords out of Plesk I used the query below:

(make sure you’re logged in as root)

Select mail.mail_name,, mail.postbox, mail.redirect, mail.redir_addr, mail.spamfilter, CAST(accounts.password AS CHAR) from mail
left join domains on = mail.dom_id
LEFT JOIN accounts ON mail.account_id =

We cast accounts.Password to text so that the raw blob data is shown. This gave me a list of accounts to create.

Using IMAP Size it was then just a matter of backing up each account then restoring it to the new server.

Had a problm with ASP.NET applications generating an Access Denied exception when trying access system.servicemodel.

Turns out this is a problem with Plesk on Windows, and fortunately has a simple fix.

Log in as Administrator and execute the following:

cacls C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL /E /R psacln /T /C
cacls C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL /E /R psaadm /T /C
This came from this KB article and fixed the problem for me anyway.